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3 cours donnés par Jack LiVigni
(à noter que c’est un ténor)
Voice Teacher Jack LiVigni explains his approach to head voice. The need for vocal fold elongation coupled with strong cord closure and suppleness in the body of the cords. Singing on the breath rather than with breath

Work at getting the tilt (of the larynx) and the closure (of the vocal chords) at the same time. These are antagonists :
Tilt come with yawning (open during breath)
closure come with swallowing (then larynx tends to go up)
Bien prononcer les voyelles, en les ouvrant
Avoir un passagio continu
à propos du support, il inverse l’assertion souvent entendue, pour expliquer que c’est la note qui fait le support, et pas l’inverse.
Voice Teacher Jack LiVigni describes technical approach for breathing, sustaining, vibrato, etc. The sustaining of sound is largely linked to the mental image of the sound.


Some Thoughts on the Heart of Art Song

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Another series of wonderful lessons on the interpretation of Art Song from a very dear (and very, very tough) teacher of mine, Ms Elly Ameling… please watch

Lesson 1 – Think before you sing

Salvatore Fisichella teaching Jack LiVigni

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Hi again Pierre,

Here are a few more examples.

Fisichella is Italian, so the sound is a bit brighter and more open than Russian, as you may hear when Vladimir demonstrates… 

This is because of linguistic and stylistic differences between Russian and Italian classical music…. (Listen for example to the difference between Donizetti and Tchaikovsky, or Bellini and Rachmaninov…) 

Russian has a characteristic darkness and sobriety to the sound, which is true across all compositions, not just operatic compositions…  

BUT the main principles of the vocal technique are the same. Enjoy!

Vladimir Chernov (baritone) masterclass – this is my teacher ☺