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Un échange avec Nicole Taylor :

De : TARIF Pierre (ENGIE Africa)
Envoyé : lundi 6 avril 2020 12:38
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Objet : Pierre’s lessons next week

As promised :

  • La chanson bien douce – Verlaine – Léo Ferré, with his intelligent face singing, and this other one with the words
    This gives energy, isn’t it ?
  • And now, probably the most well-knowns song he wrote and sung : avec le temps … Be careful : take some tissue handy if you want to listen till the end 😊
  • And a 3-rd and last one, sung by himself (he kept changing his interpretations along time) : Pauvre Rutebeuf This one is not complete, but the best to my ears, but there are many on Youtube, like this one, but I think this one is the best. And the great Joan Baez also sung it, with this lovely accent (made of curious US and France South-West) as well Nana Mouskouri.

Have a nice day

Pierre TARIF
Head of IT

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De : nicole taylor <>
Envoyé : samedi 4 avril 2020 22:17
À : TARIF Pierre (ENGIE Africa) <>
Objet : Re: Pierre’s lessons next week

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for your message. Yes, you have 3 lessons remaining from 2019.

Ok for Con te partirò ☺️… you could even make it a duet if there is a lady from our classes that you’d like to sing with.

Yes, ok too for Le chanteur de Mexico. Sounds light-hearted and fun.

As for other French melodies… the big composers are Debussy, Fauré, Chausson, Duparc, Hahn, Ravel, Poulenc, Berlioz…and for French opera Gounod, Massenet, Delibes, Bizet, Offenbach, Saint-saens

You may like:

L’invitation au voyage   (Duparc  -This is his most famous and beautiful song!!! – can you believe he burned the majority of his compositions because he thought they were, in his words « repugnant”. So important to for artists to have a good support system!!! … We now have remaining less than 40 of his compositions)          12/20

Soupir (Duparc)         14/20

La vie antérieure (Duparc)          14/20

Phidylé (Duparc – more often sung by a tenor, but still very famous and beautiful for baritone)              17/20

Au pays ou se fait la guerre (Duparc)           15/20

Chanson triste (Duparc)           19/20

Don Quichotte à Dulcinée (song cycle of 3 songs Chanson Romanesque, Chanson Épique, Chanson à Boire – Ravel) ** very famous songs for baritone***          15/20

Serenade italienne (Chausson)          18/20

Le colibri (Chausson)                  13/20

Le temps de lilas (Chausson – very famous from an orchestral tone poem called Poeme de l’amour et de la mer, written for mezzo-soprano or dramatic soprano, but can also be sung by a man)               14/20

Deux poems de Louis Aragon (Poulenc – the first song has many musical allusions to his opera Les Dialogues de Carmelites)          17/20          20/20

Il pleure dans mon coeur (Fauré)                        19/20

Les roses d’Ispahan (Fauré)             16/20

Claire de lune (Fauré)            17/20

Si mes vers avaient des ailes (Hahn)               18/20

A Chloris (Hahn)                            18/20

Infidelité (Hahn)                        16/20

3 melodies de Paul Verlaine (Debussy – interesting songs dedicated to Ernest Chausson)                         15/20

The most famous(and standard) arias for lyric baritone in French are:

Toreador aria from Carmen (Bizet – LOOK AT HOW SAM RAMEY USES HIS LIPS IN TRUMPET SHAPE!!!! ALL THE TIME AND ON EVERY NOTE!!! This is why his sound is very even and steady)

Avant de quitter ces lieux from Faust (Gounod)          14/20

Sois immobile  from Guillaume Tell (Rossini)        16/20

Mab, la reine des mensonges from Romeo et Juliette (Gounod – a little boring for my taste, and more for a young baritone, but people sing it often)          yep …

Vision fugitive from Hérodiade (Massenet – notice how close his low voice is to his speaking voice…like talking)            13/20 (watch how he opens his jaw, tongue relaxed, top lip active)   à better + tempo

Comme une pale fleur from Hamlet (Thomas – not often sung, but lovely)           16/20

***Fille des rois from L’Africaine (Meyerbeer – not often song, but beautiful romantic aria nonetheless)*** This would be very beautiful for you       15/20

This should give you a nice list of famous songs and arias to start with. Hope you will like some of them. Most music scores you can find online at the Petrucci library: They are all out of copyright, except the Poulenc, so should be available. If you can’t find them, just tell me and I will find them in my library.

Have a great weekend and Happy Palm Sunday.


On Apr 3, 2020, at 11:51 PM, <> <> wrote:

Hi Nicole

I reserved the “usual” timeslot next Monday at 11:00

+ next Wednesday too, at 2:00 pm

Now I have a request :

  • would it be possible to work this piece : Con te partiro – Andrea Bocelli. Easy listening for sure, but very beautiful, and I feel like I am able sing the highest notes : Il will make work wok them (maybe not « io con te »)
  • Do you know others “like” Les grands vaisseaux
  • And for the fun : this one would certainly please many people : Luis Mariano – Mexico (Opérette « Le Chanteur de Mexico »)

Have a nice week-end

Pierre TARIF
Head of IT

ENGIE Africa – Mob. +33 (0)6 33 15 22 19